2002 – From Windhoek to Montreal Progress Report

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Women and Sport
From Windhoek to Montreal



One of the principal tasks of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) is to monitor the progress made in advancing the status of women in sport since the Second World Conference held in Windhoek, Namibia in May 1998.

The aim of this report is to share the success stories and lessons learned from actions taken to initiate or continue that advancement, by both national and international organisations worldwide. Building on a similar report produced by UK Sport in 1998 entitled Women and Sport. From Brighton to Windhoek: Facing the Challenge, which charted progress in the four years between the 1994 Brighton and 1998 Windhoek Conferences, this report is intended to serve both as a record of actions taken, and as a source of inspiration, ideas and advice for individuals and organisations working to enhance the involvement of women in sport and physical activity.

This report was commissioned and produced by Sport Canada on behalf of the IWG. The authors, Anita White and Deena Scoretz, gathered information through a questionnaire sent to individuals and organisations on the IWG contact list or the lists of the various regional groups. Information was also sought from all National Olympic Committees and International Federations. The responses received were then collated and edited, and efforts were made to fill as many the gaps as possible. Inevitably, some gaps still remain, and it has not been possible to verify the accuracy of the reporting. In some cases achievements may have been exaggerated, while in other cases they may have been too modest. Apart from minor editing and summarising, however, the authors have reproduced the reports as submitted, and let the respondents speak for themselves.

Many women and men around the world are contributing to the women and sport movement, and their contributions are acknowledged and celebrated in this report. We thank them most sincerely for responding to our request for information. We apologise for any omissions or inaccuracies, but we could only work with the information we received, having done our best to invite responses. The new Secretariat of the IWG has undertaken to regularly update this report as further submissions are received, so that it will become a living document. The contact details of the Secretariat are included at the back of this report. In order to provide continuity, this report is organised with a structure similar to that of the 1998 report.

Chapter 1 provides some background and context by highlighting landmarks in the development of the women and sport movement since 1994. Chapter 2 gives examples of progress made and lessons learned under each of the eleven points of the Windhoek Call for Action. Chapter 3 contains an updated A-Z of Worldwide Action in different countries and international organisations. Chapter 4 assesses the progress that has been made and draws conclusions. Finally, a Directory with the contact details of all those who contributed to the report is provided in Appendix E, to enable readers to network and seek more information and advice.

In this way, we hope the report not only provides a record of achievement, but will also serve as a useful working document, and an inspiration for future action on behalf of women and girls in sport.

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