NZ Border Update: 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport

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Message from IWG Co-Chair Raewyn Lovett ONZM and IWG Secretary General Rachel Froggatt:

On 24 November 2021, the New Zealand government announced that our international borders will start to open in a phased way for fully vaccinated international travellers from 30عشر April 2022. All international travellers will be required to self-isolate on arrival for 7-days.

This means that unless you are based in New Zealand already, have a New Zealand passport or have a permit to live and work in New Zealand, you will not be able to enter the country until 1st May 2022, and you will be required to self-isolate until 8عشر May 2022. The IWG World Conference is scheduled to take place from 5-8عشر May 2022.

If we were to continue ahead on our current dates, the border restrictions would prevent us from welcoming any speakers or participants in-person from outside New Zealand.

We are disappointed that the border opening has not aligned favourably, but we remain completely committed to staging the event. We have been working through a robust process to determine the best way forward from here and we have been consulting with all our stakeholders and partners.

As you know, the IWG World Conference is currently planned as a hybrid event, with the in-person component staged in Auckland, and the integrated virtual experience running in parallel. We have determined that we have two options: we may move to a fully virtual format and keep similar dates, or we may postpone and go ahead with the planned hybrid event later in 2022.

A final decision will be made next week, and we will announce this immediately. Registrations for the conference are currently on hold until further notice.

If you are a registered Presenter or Participant, you will have received an email from us today, communicating similar information and advising that no action is currently required until we next get in touch with you. It is our great hope that you will still be able to take part!

If you have any questions in the interim, please email

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