IWG Catalyst e-Newsletter – 24 April 2020

Welcome to the most recent IWG Catalyst e-Newsletter, distributed 24 April 2020.

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An extraordinary meeting of the International Working Group (IWG) on Women and Sport was held during April 2020, bringing together the IWG Global Executive from all over the world.

At the meeting, the IWG Global Executive took the position of declaring the COVID-19 pandemic to be a significant threat to the ‘women in sport and physical activity’ movement, globally.

The IWG Global Executive also agreed the position, given IWG’s alignment and ongoing commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that COVID-19 has the potential to negatively impact work towards gender equality, worldwide.

~ ~ Global Call to Action ~ ~

The IWG Global Executive has now resolved to issue a global ‘Call to Action’, encouraging the nearly 600 Signatories to the برايتون بلس هلسنكي 2014 إعلان عن المرأة والرياضة to lead the world by example as they recover and rebuild. The Signatories, in signing this treaty, committed themselves to 10 principles ensuring development of a culture that enables and values the full involvement of women and girls in every aspect of sport and physical activity.

Signatories are urged to leverage their skills, resources, and networks to contribute relevant responses to support the wellbeing of their female membership and diverse communities in the context of COVID-19 recovery and rebuild across the sport and physical activity spectrum.

In particular, the IWG Global Executive is asking Signatories to become active champions for gender equity amongst global peers and to encourage those that have not yet signed up to the Declaration, to make this commitment now, and to take the opportunity to re-develop organisations to be more inclusive of women and girls and diverse communities as a whole.

The IWG Global Executive identified five potential areas of concern for women and girls due to COVID-19 and has outlined opportunities for Signatories to drive positive change in the future: 
Wellbeing; Safety; Resource; Leadership; and Structure.

رجاء click here to find out more and see how you can get involved.

~ ~ Thank you to our front-line workers worldwide ~ ~

The IWG Global Executive wishes to acknowledge all front-line workers around the world, especially heathcare workers and carers, police, fire and emergency services, for their extraordinary work in fighting the COVID-19 virus globally. Stay safe everyone.


How do we lead effectively from COVID-19 self isolation?
And when the restrictions finally lift, where do we go from lockdown?

Recently, we have seen unprecedented levels of disruption at all levels of sport and physical activity globally. The IWG New Zealand Secretariat and our partners at Trans-Tasman Business Circle SportsConnect are delighted to bring you a free series of live virtual leadership interviews.

As we all navigate this uncertain world, learning and leaning on the expertise of those at the top of their games has never been more important. Tune in every Friday, New Zealand time.

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