WESCO signs the Brighton Declaration

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We are delighted to welcome WESCO, the first Esports organisation to sign the Brighton plus Helsinki Declaration on Women and Sport.

Originally published on WESCO

Anna Caula, Minister of Sport and Physical Activity of the Government of Catalonia, attended as a witness to the signing ceremony of the Declaration of Brighton plus Helsinki, which took place on the 23rd June, with WESCO and IWG.

This ceremony has been promoted by the WESCO Women’s and Esports Commission. Anna reiterated that: “Esports is a sector where new challenges appear every day, and that initiatives such as WESCO make the Government of Catalonia want to collaborate in order to achieve gender equality within Esports.”

Marta Muñoz, Head of Women in Esports Commission at WESCO, then spoke. Marta pointed out that: “With this signature, the Women’s in Esports Commission of WESCO takes a step forward and lays the foundations for the fight for women’s rights in Esports.” She also said: “There is still a lot of work to be done in Esports in terms of gender. And the signing of the Brighton Declaration by the Women’s Commission in Esports at WESCO is just the first step in many projects and initiatives that will be consolidated in the near future in order to achieve the final goal of gender equity at all levels of Esports”.

Mr Daniel Cossi, president of WESCO, has been part of the ceremony and support since always, the active and most prioritary participation of women in esports in every level, as an example of what he promotes on CBDEL, the Brazian Confederation of Esports, where women are in top position of many departments and commissions, and where they have many female esports teams. 

Mr Daniel Cordoba, Head of the Education Commission was at the ceremony and supported all the signature of the declaration and worked side by side in this great step.

Finally, she thanked Anna Caula for being part of the ceremony as a witness. To the Government of Catalonia for providing the space where the ceremony has taken place. And to the International Working Group (IWG) on Women in Sport for their help and support throughout all the process of signing the Brighton Declaration.


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