Brighton Signatories: Africa

Africa Sports Councils, Associations, and Commissions 

Associations des Femmes Beninoises pour le Sport (AFBS) Benin 

Botswana National Sports Council 

Egypt Supreme Council for Youth and Sport 

Football Union Botswana 

Guyana Olympic Association

Moroccan Association of Sport and Development (AMSD) 

Namibia Sports Commission 

National Sports Council of Tanzania 

South Africa Commonwealth Games Association (SASCOC) 

South Africa National Department of Sport and Recreation 

South Africa National Sports Council (SASCOC) 

Zimbabwe Sports Commission 


Africa Olympic Committees 

Botswana National Olympic Committee 

Comite National Olympique de Cote d ‘Ivoire 

Congo National Olympic and Sport Committee (CNOSC) 

Gambia Olympic Committee 

Ghana Olympic Committee 

Ivory Coast Olympic Committee

Lesotho Olympic Committee 

Madagascar Olympic Committee 

Mali Olympic Committee 

Morocco Olympic Committee 

Namibia Olympic Committee 

Senegal Olympic Committee 

Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association

Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association 

Uganda Olympic Committee 

Zimbabwe Olympic Committee 


Africa Sports Federations and Organisations   

16 National Sports Federations 

African Chess Confederation 

Botswana Basketball Association 

Botswana Boxing Association 

Botswana Cricket Association 

Botswana Football Association 

Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA)

Botswana Karate Association 

Botswana Netball Association 

Botswana Softball Association 

Cameroon Baseball and Softball Federation 


Cricket Namibia 

Federation Burkinabe de Baseball et de Softball 

Federation Ivorienne de Baseball et Softball 

Kenya Baseball Federation 

Kenya Softball Federation 

Lesotho Baseball and Softball Association 

Lesotho Cricket Association 

Malawi Cricket Union 

Mozambican Cricket Association 

Namibia Softball Association 

National Netball Association of Swaziland 

Netball Association of Namibia 

Netball Nigeria 

Netball South Africa 

Nigeria Baseball and Softball Association 

Softball South Africa 

South African Baseball Union 

Swaziland Cricket Association 

Swaziland National Sports Federation 

Tanzania Baseball and Softball Association 

Uganda Baseball and Softball Association 

Uganda Netball Federation 

Zambia Cricket Association 

Zambia Softball Baseball Association 

Zimbabwe Baseball Federation 


Africa Women and Sports 

Algerian Association for Women’s Sport Development 

Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, Alexandria University (Egypt) 

Madagascar Women and Sport 

Mauritius National Commission on Women and Sport 

National Association Women Physical Activity and Sport (ANFAPS) 

Nigerian Association of Women in Sport 

Seychelles Women and Sport Association 

Sierra Leone Association of Women in Sports (SLAWS) 

South African Women And Sport Foundation 

Sport Society of Egyptian Women 

Uganda Sports Women’s Association 

Women and Sport Botswana 

Women and Sport South Africa (WASSA) 

Women in Sport Foundation Zimbabwe 

Women’s Sports Association of Ghana 

Zambia National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) 


Africa Government 

13 Regional Governors 

Arab Ministers of Youth and Sport

Ministry of Basic Education,Sport and Culture (Namibia) 

Ministry of Home Affairs (Swaziland) 

Ministry of Land,Resettlement and Rehabilitation (Namibia) 

Ministry of Women, Family and Children (Tunisia) 

Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Child Welfare (Namibia) 

Ministry of Youth and Sport (Algeria) 

Ministry of Youth and Sport (Republic of Guinea) 

Ministry of Youth and Sports (Ghana) 

Ministry of Youth and Sports (Mauritius) 

Ministry of Youth and Sports (Tunisia) 

Namibia School Sports Union 

Seychelles Government 

South African National Department of Sport and Recreation 

Tertiary Institution Sport Association of Namibia 


Africa Regional Organisations 

Africa Baseball and Softball Association

Africa Netball 

Africa Women in Sport Association (AWISA) 

FIM Africa 

Sports Ministers of Southern Africa (Zone 6) 

Supreme Council for Youth and Sport in Africa 


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