NEWS: Chinese-Taipei adds 28 signatures to Brighton Declaration

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IWG Co-Chair, Raewyn Lovett, congratulates this significant commitment to gender equality in sport in Taiwan. 

On 23 November 2020, in Taipei, the Chinese-Taipei Olympic Committee re-signed the “Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport” and supported a total of 28 local organisations to sign and commit to the 10 principles of gender equality in sport and physical activity. This included the re-signing of Chinese Taipei Baseball Association and Chinese Taipei Softball Association, along with 25 new signatories.

The signing ceremony was co-hosted by the Director-General of Sports Administration, Minister of Education, Dr. Shao-Hsi Chang, and the President of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, Mr. Hong-Dow Lin.

IWG Global Executive – Asia Representative, Dr. Etsuko Ogasawara, and IMGA CEO, Mr. Jens V. Holm joined the signing ceremony via video conference, and the IWG Co-Chair, Ms. Raewyn Lovett sent congratulatory remarks by a short video message, in wishing Chinese Taipei the coming success on working with all member associations to pursue a more equal sports environment (see see video below).

Director General of Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Mr. Shao-Hsi Chang commented, “Chinese-Taipei has long supported the IWG on Women and Sport’s efforts in the pursuit of equality in sports affaires. By signing this declaration, we look forward to further cooperation. In the meantime, we are showing our determination to participate in and contribute to the international sports affairs.”

President Hong-Dow Lin said, “Chinese-Taipei have worked closely with the Sports Administration of MOE for many years to actively promote the rights and interests of women participating in sports. In 2011, we held the 1st International Conference on Women and Sport, in which international experts and scholars have been invited. Until today, this conference has become an important platform on the topic of women’s participation in sports and physical activity. By officially signing the”2014 Brighton and Helsinki Declaration on Women and Sports” we further demonstrate our determination in jointly creating a more equal sports environment with IWG.”

In 1994, the IWG (International Working Group) on Women and Sport put forward the “Brighton Declaration”, which provided the principles and guide on the actions to increase the involvement of women in sport and physical activity. Over the past 20 years, it has had a substantial impact on the sport policies of various countries. Women-related sport organisations around the world have successfully developed. The “Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport” signed on by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee today, was developed by the IWG representatives of member states on the 20th anniversary of the “Brighton Declaration”, which was also the occasion of the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport. With the spirit of “Lead the Change, Be the Change”, representatives of member states developed a more complete declaration, extending the goal of equality in sport and physical activity from women to society, school and youth.

The signing ceremony was attended by many important sports organizations in Taiwan. The witnesses for the Signing Ceremony are Ms. Fong-Chi Chu, Chairwoman of the CTOC Women and Sport Commission, and Ms. Jacqueline Yi-Ting Shen, member of OCA Women and Sport Committee. In addition, Ms. Mei-Yen Chen, professor of Taiwan Normal University who has executed the “Promoting Women in Sports” project, and Ms. Po-Chun Liu, the first woman referee certificated by the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association, and the recipient of the 2019 IOC Women and Sport Awards were invited to share their experience in promoting women’s participation in sports, as well as the expectations toward the future development on equality in sports.

A total of 28 sports organsations joined this signing, including the following:

1 Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2 Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
3 Republic of China Sports Federation
4 Chinese Taipei School Sport Federation
5 Chinese Taipei Paralympic Committee
6 Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation
7 Chinese Taipei Athletics Association
8 Chinese Taipei Baseball Association
9 Chinese Taipei Boxing Association
10 Chinese Taipei Canoe Association
11 Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association
12 Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Association
13 Chinese Taipei Fencing Association
14 Chinese Taipei Football Association
15 Chinese Taipei Golf Association
16 Taiwan Ju-Jitsu Federation
17 Chinese Taipei Muaythai Association
18 Chinese Taipei Netball Association
19 Chinese Taipei SepakTakraw Association
20 Chinese Taipei Shooting Association
21 Chinese Taipei Skating Union
22 Chinese Taipei Softball Association
23 Chinese Taipei Sumo Federation
24 Chinese Taipei Swimming Association
25 Chinese Taipei Tennis Federation
26 Taiwan Gay Sports and Movement Association
27 Taiwan Sport Forward Association
28 Taiwan Women’s Sports Association


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