2010 – From Kumamoto to Sydney Progress Report

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Women and Sport
From Kumamoto to Sydney


Message from the Chair

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 4th IWG quadrennial progress report on achievements of the global women and sport movement From Kumamoto to Sydney: Women and Sport Progress report 2006-2010. In response to the Kumamoto Commitment to Collaboration, legacy of the 2006 World Conference on Women and Sport, over the past four years many organisations and individuals have indeed built a network for close collaboration in order to realise gender equality in and through sport.

Following a call in January 2010 by the IWG Secretariat for contributions to the progress report many organisations and individuals from around the world have taken the opportunity to submit information on inspiring and innovative activities, policies and programs that have benefited or created opportunities for women to be involved in sport and physical activity at all levels. I extend a sincere thank you to those who have contributed. The report is not a complete record of progress made; it merely represents a sample of inspiring stories of women and men who have made a difference for women and sport. The valuable assistance of Sally Ryan and Ashlee Morgan in compiling and editing the report has been greatly appreciated.

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