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On 4 September 2020, the IWG launched “Change Inspires Change” campaign and announced that it was beginning to build a brand new IWG Insight Hub, to be launched in 2021. You can find out more here!

While this hub is being built, the IWG has started calling out for stories of change inspiring change from sport and physical activity all around the world, to help others on the journey toward and beyond the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport. 

Over the next few months IWG will be profiling all your great stories on our website and social media and throughout the network.

Click here to submit your story! (please give this form a few moments to load. If it does not, please contact 

Insight Bites

In these quick Insight Bites, moderated by our secrétaire général, we connect with leaders all over the world to see how they are faring post COVID-19.

Direction from Lockdown

Tune into our 10-week Leadership From Lockdown virtual interview series, exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19.

IWG Progress Reports 1994  – 2018

Every four years, the IWG publishes the “IWG Progress Report” at the IWG World Conference, a detailed review of the progress being made by signatories to the Déclaration de Brighton plus Helsinki 2014Each report is researched, compiled, designed and presented by the current Secrétariat du GTI.

You can download these reports here:

Women in Sport Consortium de recherche Aotearoa New Zealand

Photo: Sarah Leberman (avec la permission du magazine NEXT)

In 2018, Women in Sport Aotearoa convened New Zealand’s largest independent group of academics dedicated to investigating the barriers that stand in the way of equity for women and girls in sport and identifying opportunities for positive change. It is chaired by Professor Sarah Leberman, Women in Sport Aotearoa co-founder and co-chair and respected researcher with 25+ years’ experience. It includes key researchers from 7 of the 8 New Zealand Universities:

  • Université Massey (Dr Farah Palmer)
  • Université d'Auckland (Professeur Toni Bruce)
  • Auckland University of Technology (AUT) (Professor Lesley Ferkins, Gaye Bryham, Sally Rae)
  • Université de Waikato (professeur Holly Thorpe, Dre Stacy Sims, Dre Kirsten Petrie, professeure agrégée Belinda Wheaton)
  • Université d'Otago (Sally Shaw, professeure associée)
  • Université Victoria de Wellington (Robyn Cockburn)
  • Université de Lincoln (Dr Roslyn Kerr)
  • Sport Waikato (Dr Amy Marfell)

Ce groupe est inclus alors pour vous inscrire s'il vous plaît email contacter le professeur Sarah Leberman.

Partenaires de recherche et projets

Women in Sport Aotearoa is also a leading member in several cross-sector research groups consisting of a number of key agencies, including Sport New Zealand; the New Zealand Olympic Committee; the Wonderful Group; several universities; and the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) New Zealand.

Études de cas globales, idées et recherches

The IWG launched this brand new website in 2019 and shortly we will begin uploading Case Studies, Insights and Research with a view to turning it into un pôle d'information, un point de référence et un référentiel de premier plan. Nous partagerons les meilleures pratiques, données, innovations et recherches mondiales et nous nous concentrerons sur la fourniture d’idées pratiques et le soutien que vous apportez au fur et à mesure de votre travail. Nous mettons particulièrement en valeur les femmes leaders, les groupes à faible engagement et les entraîneures.

Voulez-vous voir votre travail promu parmi les Réseau mondial IWG? Contact pour savoir comment soumettre une étude de cas.

8ème conférence mondiale du GTI

Get involved online or in New Zealand, November 2022


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