Call for Presentations – English

May 5-8, 2022 in person in Auckland, New Zealand, and simultaneously online

‘Change Inspires Change’

Click below for ‘Change Inspires Change’ Launch Film (Duration 2 mins English and Te Reo Māori).

The IWG World Conference is the biggest worldwide gathering of experts in the field of women and sport, attracting over 1200 leaders quadrennially. For the first time in its long history, the Conference will be a full physical-digital hybrid event. This is not just a ‘conference’ – it is an open learning space for connection, collaboration and creativity. It is a place for commitment to leadership, action and social change. We will provide an environment focused on interaction and engagement.

The International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport invites submissions for interactive workshops, lightning talks and posters. You will need to select whether you will be attending physically in person in Auckland New Zealand or participating online.

It is critical that the focus of your call for presentation is on action, and if research-based how this translates into practice. Preference will be given to team submissions, where different perspectives are showcased and include, for example, combinations of researchers, sports and recreation organisations, and policy makers etc.

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations may be proposed in any of the following formats:

1. A 45-minute interactive workshop.

2. A 10-minute lightning talk.

A lightning talk is a presentation format where presenters show 20 images/slides, each for 20 seconds (for a total of 6-minute 40 seconds), followed by 3 minutes of Questions & Answers. The images advance automatically and presenters talk along to the

images. To learn more about the meaning, definition, and format of lightning Talks (also referred to as Pecha Kucha) see this link.

3. A hard copy poster which is maximum A1 in size or a digital poster which can be accompanied by audio narrative, podcast, or explanatory interactive video.

Presenters’ names may not appear on more than two (2) proposals of any kind (i.e., presenters are limited to two possible submissions regardless of whether co-presenter or type of presentation).

Presentation Format and Submission

All presentation proposals must be submitted online via this link.

1. Presentation proposals should include text only. Reference list, figures, and tables are not acceptable.

2. Presenters, organisation names, and contact information. Selected presentation proposals will be published in the Conference Presentations. Editorial corrections may be made by the Program Chair, there will not be an opportunity for presenters to revise their presentation proposal.

3. Presenters cannot be added after the presentation submission deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you start your submission, you need to complete it – drafts are not saved. It is recommended you keep a copy in a Word document.

Submission Procedure

Presentation proposals must include the following information:

1. Session title.

2. 300 words maximum, regardless of session type.

3. Objectives of the presentation.

4. For workshops – how they will be interactive for participants.

5. Three ‘takeaways’ and/or value add for participants.

6. Alignment with conference themes and lenses.


  • Leadership (How can we lead systems change?)
  • Social Change (How do we use sport as a vehicle for positive social change?)
  • Active Lives (How do we activate the lives of girls and women?)
  • High Performance (How do we enable women to excel in sport performance?)
  • Visibility and Voice (How do we increase the extent to which girls and women are seen and heard?)


  • Indigeneity (How do we value, respect and amplify the rights of Indigenous people?)
  • Technology, data and innovation (How is technology being used to create value for women?)
  • Health and Wellbeing (How do we ensure that girls’ and women’s participation is healthy and contributes positively to their wellbeing?)
  • Systems, resources and investment (How do we value girls and women through resource allocation and investment?)
  • Environmental sustainability (How do we ensure that sport and physical activity is environmentally sustainable?)
  • Human Rights (How do we advocate for diversity and inclusion?)
  • Integrity and Accountability (How do we preserve the integrity of sport – especially girl’s and women’s sport?)

7. The type of session (i.e., 45-minute workshop; 10-minute lightning talk; poster presentation – physical or digital, with or without short video or podcast);

8. Session mode (i.e. physically in person in Auckland; virtual/online synchronous (at the same time); virtual/online asynchronous (not at the same time i.e. pre-recorded)

9. Language of session (English, French, Spanish, sign language)

Presentation proposal(s) submission indicates the intent of the presenter(s) to register for and attend (either in person or virtually) the 2022 IWG Conference. At least one presenter must register by the conference early bird registration deadline or their presentation will be withdrawn. Presenters should be prepared to present at any time between 11am Thursday 5 May (NZ time) and Sunday 8 May midday (NZ time), 2022. The Conference schedule will be released in February, 2022.

Submission Deadline

Submissions received after 6 April 2021, 11.59pm New Zealand time will not be accepted or reviewed.

Review Process

All presentation proposals will be subjected to a blind review. The review criteria include:

1. Relevance and significance to the main conference theme ‘Change Inspires Change’.

2. Advancing practical change for girls, women and gender minorities in sport, sport for development, physical activity, physical education, active recreation and/or play.

3. Clarity of session objectives and value add.

Notification Process

Decisions on presentation proposals will be advised by June 2021.


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