Frequently Asked Questions

The registration form is compatible with the following browsers:

Google Chrome 7 or up  |  Microsoft Edge  |  Mozilla Firefox 5 or up (except on Windows 7)
*We do not recommend using Safari or Internet Explorer


1. What types of registrations are available?

There are two ways you can access the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport:

The ‘Inspire Pass’ offers an outstanding virtual experience accessible from almost anywhere in the world via our world-class online conferencing system – OnAir by EventsAir. This Pass will offer you live content, international speakers and storytellers, and interactivity to support collaboration and networking across borders. When you register for this type of pass, you receive a unique log-in for our virtual platform. During the event, you will be able to watch presentations and interact with others live online, choosing what sessions you attend over the four days. You will also be able to go back and watch content on-demand.

> Choose the Inspire Pass if you plan to dial in from outside New Zealand, or you don’t know your travel plans yet. It’s very easy to switch passes.

The ‘InspirePLUS Pass’ is the best of both worlds. You will get the full virtual experience offered by the Inspire Pass, woven together with an exceptional in-person experience in Auckland, New Zealand. You will get to attend physical events, with world class speakers and highly interactive workshops and sessions designed using open learning principles. You will also be able to meet colleagues from around the world in-person, to network, collaborate, and plan for the future. Not to mention, the ability to connect with hundreds of others around the world via our virtual platform, expanding your global network widely.

> Choose the InspirePLUS Pass if you will join us in-person in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Both of these passes give you full access to the virtual platform until 30 September 2022, so you can watch back any content on-demand.


2. Can you please explain the registration prices?

The 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport is a not-for-profit event with an estimated staging cost of NZD $2 million.

It is being delivered by Women in Sport Aotearoa (WISPA), the current Secretariat for the International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport. WISPA is a small New Zealand charity, and we are funding the event through grants, sponsorship and paid registrations.

We are incredibly grateful for the government grants we have received. The registration prices are as low as we can possibly make them thanks to these grants, to help us to break even post-event. This is not a commercial event. 

The rates reflect the costs of delivering both an in-person meeting in Auckland, New Zealand and an integrated online event in parallel via our virtual platform.

Your registration is a contribution toward hard costs like venue, catering, staffing and security for the in-person event, plus production, live streaming and networking tools for the virtual event.

We have determined an average cost for hosting each individual, and the majority of these costs are being covered by grants and sponsorship. Registrations make up the balance of our costs.

We are incredibly grateful to the New Zealand Government, plus our corporate sponsors, grant funders and other financial and value-in-kind supporters – thank you again! Without your help, we could not stage the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, and we could not offer these registration prices.


3. Can you please explain the registration price bands?

We have set three registration price points, following guidance from the World Bank rankings of World Economies:

  • High Income (Band 1)
  • Upper Middle Income (Band 2)
  • Low and Lower Middle Income (Band 3)

The purpose of using these rankings is to help as many people as possible attend the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, by subsidising the rates for developing nations.

The World Bank is an international development organisation owned by 187 countries. Its role is to reduce poverty by lending money to the governments of its poorer members to improve their economies and to improve the standard of living of their people. It is the global standard by which economies are ranked. Learn more about The World Bank here.

The pricing bands are not set to match your personal or organisational income. They are set according to where your country’s economy ranks according to the World Bank. The registration prices are not commercial rates. We are pleased to have been able to offer charity / not-for-profit rates from the outset. 


4. Is there any financial assistance being offered?

No. The 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport is a not-for-profit event, so we cannot offer any financial assistance. Please look at the answer to Q2 for more detail about our funding model and Q3 for information about pricing.

If you require financial assistance to purchase a registration and/or to cover your travel costs to Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, we recommend that you approach your institution, your employer, local councils or grants funders to apply for support. Please keep an eye on our website, as we will be continually loading information about the programme, the speakers and the content, to help you build your case for financial assistance.  


5. What is GST?

Registration prices exclude Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) which is New Zealand’s consumption tax.

GST is charged at a rate of 15% and it is added to the price of most goods and services supplied in New Zealand. So if you live in New Zealand, you will pay an additional 15% on top of the registration price for an individual registration. NZ corporations can claim GST back on any registrations purchased.

GST is charged at a rate of 0% (“zero rated”) to people who are outside New Zealand at the time the service is performed. So if you live internationally, you will not pay this tax.


6. Is there a student discount option?

Yes. Our student rate is subsidised for those that are not able to pay the full registration rate. Full-time students who are not also in full-time employment qualify for this rate. Again, the purpose is to help as many people as possible attend the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, by subsidising the rates for those with less financial means. The rest of the costs are being covered by grants and sponsorship. Please look at the answer to Q2 for more detail about our funding model and Q3 for information about pricing. A Student ID and letter or similar evidence from your education provider stating that you are in full-time study will need to be uploaded at the time of registration, confirming your eligibility. If you need further information about student rates, please email


7. Is there a group registration discount option?

We have made the decision to keep the cost of registrations as low as we possibly can from the very beginning, to enable access for the widest range of people possible. At this stage, we are not offering a group discount but we are constantly assessing our options and will provide updates if there are any changes to this. The 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport is a not-for-profit event, so the registration cost is a portion of what it will cost us to host you over four full days, either in-person or online. The rest of the costs are being covered by grants and sponsorship. Please look at the answer to Q2 for more detail about our funding model and Q3 for information about pricing.


8. I want to come to the conference in person, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to get a visa / gain access to New Zealand. What should I do?

The New Zealand borders are currently closed to anyone except returning New Zealanders, due to COVID-19. 

On 24 November 2021, our government made a series of announcements regarding a staged re-opening of our borders to international travellers. We are currently assessing the implications of these announcements and will be making some announcements shortly.  

We already know that anyone crossing our borders for the event will need to be vaccinated, be able to provide proof of vaccination, and will be subject to a negative testing regime prior to departure and on arrival.  

Read the latest government announcement here: 


9. I’ve brought an InspirePlus Pass, what happens if I can’t get into New Zealand?

Your registration is for the hybrid in-person/virtual experience. If you have purchased this registration and you cannot or you decide not to travel to New Zealand, you can easily switch to the Inspire Pass (virtual experience) and you will be refunded the difference in cost between the two passes. To switch, please email requesting the switch between passes, please use ‘Switch my Pass’ in the subject line.

You will not be charged an administrative ‘switch fee’ for any changes made. Please read our Registration Pass Terms and Conditions here so that you are fully informed of any fees.


10. My submission has been accepted to be presented at the conference, do I have to purchase a registration?

Yes. You are required to register for the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, and so will each of those co-presenting with you. Your deadline to register is 30 November 2021.

The 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport is a not-for-profit event, so we cannot offer free passes for presenters. Please look at the answer to Q2 for more detail about our funding model and Q3 for information about pricing.

If you plan to present virtually, please purchase the Inspire Pass (virtual experience). If you intend to present in-person, please purchase the InspirePLUS Pass (hybrid in-person/virtual experience). Please refer to Q1 for further details about what these passes offer. In addition to gaining access to present, you will have full access to every aspect of the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, across the four full days, and access to on-demand viewing through until 30 September 2022.

Please refer to Q8 and Q9 for current information about the New Zealand border closure. If you are unsure of what action to take before the deadline, please email for advice.


11. What happens if the in-person part of the conference is cancelled, or the conference is cancelled in its entirety?

We will be doing our utmost to deliver both the in-person and virtual events, however, there may be circumstances that affect that. Please read our Terms and Conditions here.


12. Can I cancel my registration?

Please read our Registration Pass Terms and Conditions here.

Please note, that cancelling your registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements if you have booked these through our agency. Individuals are responsible for cancelling their own hotel and travel reservations and any associated costs.


13. How will the virtual platform work?

OnAir by EventsAir is a secure world class online space that will allow all participants, speakers, panellists and contributors to meet and interact freely across the course of the Conference. When you receive your personalised link, we urge you to go into the platform as soon as possible, and make sure that your login is working correctly. Familiarising yourself with the platform will also make the experience much easier and more fun once the event starts, as you’ll know how to navigate around the agenda, submit questions, enter and leave meeting rooms and join networking activities. When you log in to the platform, there will be an opportunity to upload a photo and bio. Make sure you do, so everyone gets to know you!
We will have a technical helpline active during the event, but please test access pre-event. Inside the platform, there is a live support function – look for a red icon of a person wearing headphones. You can click on this at any time once the Conference is live. There are also training videos in the platform that you can take a look at before the live Conference.


14. When will I receive my link to the virtual platform?

Access to the online platform will be sent by email one week prior to the Conference. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive the access email, or email


15. What time zone will the programme be in?

The primary time zone will be in New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), however when you log into the platform you can convert the programme timings to your own time zone. Our programming team will be working to schedule keynotes and big sessions at the beginning and end of each day NZST, so that people from different timezones can tune in live. Recorded content will be on the platform ASAP, to enable same-day on-demand viewing.


16. What computer capabilities do I need?

We recommend that you have reliable internet to get the most out of the Conference. Hardwired internet is generally more reliable and faster than WiFi.

You will be provided with a weblink to the online meeting platform. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. If you typically use Internet Explorer or Safari, it is recommended that you download Chrome prior to the Meeting.  Full online support will be available to all the virtual attendees before and during the Conference.

We strongly advise that you participate in the Conference via a desktop or laptop computer that has speakers. Mobile devices are supported however the best experience will be via computer.


17. Will the virtual programme be the same as the in-person programme?

To some extent, yes.

The 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport is being designed around five themes and seven lenses, so these will be common across both the in-person and the virtual experiences. Many of the same topics and presenters will be available across both. However, we know that joining a conference online is very different than being there in-person, so we will be applying bespoke ideas and solutions to create the best possible participant experience, either way.

So, for example on the online platform, presentations will be shorter, networking activity will be more structured, and live interactivity options will be offered throughout sessions.

In-person, participants will be supported in an open-learning environment, and encouraged to collaborate, brainstorm and work together, live.


18. How can I gain media access?

Media registration is still in progress, please check back later.


19. What is included in my registration?

Details here


20. Will there be catering provided at the event?

Yes. If you have any dietary requirements, you will be able to provide your preferences when you register.


21. Do I need to print my ticket to get access?

 No, but you will need to sign in at the registration desk at the venue and online. You will be emailed a barcode that you can access on your phone to make this process easy. 


22. Will there be a conference app?

Yes, it will be launched pre-event.


23. Does IWG have a preferred hotel provider?

Yes. We are delighted to have partnered with SkyCity Entertainment and our preferred hotels are The Grand by SkyCity (5*) and the SkyCity Hotel (4*). Please email for information and rates.

We are in the process of setting up other accommodation options to fit any budget. When you complete your registration, tick the box that asks if you would like assistance with accommodation and we will keep you updated on email.


24. I have a question that is not answered here, who do I contact?

Please email


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