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    Costa Rica da la bienvenida al IWG

    Esta semana, la Secretaría del IWG se encuentra en Costa Rica antes de que el país acoja... Read more

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    Le Costa Rica accueille IWG

    Cette semaine, le secrétariat de l’IWG est au Costa Rica avant que le pays n’accueille notre AGA... Read more

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    Costa Rica Welcomes IWG

    This week, the IWG Secretariat is in Costa Rica ahead of the country hosting our 2023 AGM... Read more

  • IWG Supports Launch of Kuwait’s Women In Sport Leadership
    IWG Supports Launch of Kuwait’s Women In Sport Leadership Programme

    On Thursday 30th November 2023, Secretary General Lisa O’Keefe travelled to Kuwait City to speak at the... Read more

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    ‘Give a girl a whistle and you teach her to say “stop”…’

    While our Sec Gen Lisa O’Keefe was representing the IWG at the IF Forum in Lausanne, our... Read more

  • About Us

    The International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport is the world’s largest network dedicated to advancing gender equity and equality in sport, physical education and physical activity. It is fully aligned to the 17x United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Established in 1994, the IWG advocates and runs programmes globally year-round. It developed and remains guardian of the Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration, which now has the commitment of nearly 600 signatories worldwide. In September 2021, it launched a world first Insight Hub – an interactive collection of research, case studies, toolkits and news contributed from all over the world. In late 2022, the IWG launched the most recent IWG Progress Report.

    Every four years the IWG stages the IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, the largest gathering of its kind in the world. The most recent event was staged in Aotearoa New Zealand and Online in November 2022. More than 1,850+ global sports leaders from over 300 organisations in 90 countries attended.

    The IWG is governed by the volunteer IWG Global Executive and the current 2022 – 2026 Secretariat is being hosted by the United Kingdom.

    It is a not-for-profit with funding from a mix of Grants & Trusts, Donations, Fundraising & Gifts and Commercial Partnerships. You can help too by visiting Support UsVisit About to learn more and to meet the IWG team.


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