Brighton Signatories: Asia & Middle East

Asia & Middle East Sports Associations, Commissions and Sports Councils 

Philippine Sports Commission 

Kumamoto City Council for Physical Education Sport 

Kumamoto Prefecture Council of Physical Education and Sport 

Qatar Women’s Sport Committee on behalf of the Qatar Olympic Committee 

Singapore Sports Council 

NEST foundation (Korea foundation for the NExt generation in Sports Talent) 

Nepal Cricket Association of The Blind 

Syria General Sports Federation 

Japan Sport Council 

Japanese Sport Association


Asia & Middle East Olympic Committees 

Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee 

Cyprus Olympic Committee 

Japanese Olympic Committee 

Olympic Council of Malaysia 


Asia & Middle East Paralympic Committees 

Afghanistan National Paralympic Committee

Asian Paralympic Committee (APC)

Cambodia National Paralympic Committee

Japanese Para-sports Association/Japanese Paralympic Committee

Laos National Paralympic Committee

Maldives National Paralympic Committee

Myanmar National Paralympic Committee

Pakistan National Paralympic Committee

Tajikistan National Paralympic Committee

Yemen National Paralympic Committee


Asia & Middle East Sports Federations and Organisations 

Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation(CTUSF) 

Chinese Taipei Baseball Association 

Chinese Taipei Amatuer Softball Association 

Hong Kong Baseball Association 

Softball Association of India 

Iran Softball and Baseball Association 

Iraqi Baseball and Softball Federation 

Israel Baseball Association 

Israel Softball Association 

Baseball Federation of Japan 

Japan Softball Association 

Korea Baseball Softball Association 

Korea Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation (South Korea) 

Softball Association Malaysia 

Mongolian Baseball Softball National Federation 

Nepal Baseball and Softball Association 

Pakistan Federation Baseball 

Softball Federation of Pakistan 

Amateur Softball Association of The Philippines 

The Baseball Association of Thailand 

Korea Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation(South Korea) 

Hong Kong Netball Association 

Netball Federation India 

Asian Aikido Federation 


Asia & Middle East Women and Sport 

Asian Women in Sports 

Cambodian Commission of Women and Sport 

Indonesian Association Of Physical Education and Sports for Girls and Women 

Japan Association of Physical Education for Women 

Japanese Association for Women in Sport Japan (JWS) 

Malaysia Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation 

Pakistan Association for Women Sport 

Association of Physical Education For Women 

Philippines Women’s Sport Foundation 

Women and Sports Korea 

Arab Women Sport Association 


Asia & Middle East Government 

Bahrain General Organization for Youth and Sport 

Indonesia Ministry of Youth and Sport 

Israel Ministry of Education,Culture and Sport 

Japan Sports Agency

Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sport 


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