Brighton Signatories: Europe

Europe Federations and Organisations 

Andora Athletics Federation 

Albania Athletics Federation 

Athletic Federation of the Republic of Armenia 

ASKO (Austria) 

Austrian Athletics Federation (Austria) 

Azerbaijan Athletics Federation 

Belarus Athletics Federation 

British Baseball Federation of Great Britain 

British Softball Federation 

Athletics Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Bulgarian Baseball Federation 

Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sport (BFSF) 

Bulgarian Athletics Federation (Bulgaria) 

Croatian Athletics Federation (Croatia) 

Croatian Baseball Association 

Czech Baseball Association 

Danish Softball Federation 

Denmark Athletics Federation (DIF) 

Estonian Athletics Federation (Estonia) 

Finnish Athletics Federations (Finland) 

Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation 

Finnish Gymnastics Federation (Finland) 

Finnish Sports Federation (OLL)(Finland) 

Finnish Student Sport Federation 

French Athletics Federation (France) 

French Baseball and Softball Federation 

German Athletics Federation (Germany) 

German Baseball and Softball Federation 

Greek Softball Federation 

Hilary Commission 

Hungarian Baseball and Softball Federation 

Athletics Federation of Iceland 

Softball Ireland 

High Sport Council of Spain 

Iceladic Sports Federation 

Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) 

Budo for Peace (Israel) 

Lithuania Baseball Federation 

Liechtenstein Athletics Federation 

Athletic Federation of Lithuania 

Athletics Federation of Macedonia 

Athletics Federation of Moldova 

Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (Netherlands) 

Malta Amateur Athletic Association 

Norwigian Softball and Baseball Federation 

Netball Scotland 

Dutch Catholic Sports Confederation 

Norwergian Athletics Federation (Norway) 

Federacao Portugesa de Desporto para Pessas com Deficiencia (Norway) 

Portuguese Athletics Federation (Norway) 

Table Tennis Federation Of Portugal (Norway) 

All Russia Athletic Federation (Russia) 

Slovenian Athletics Federation 

Royal Spanish Archery Federation 

Royal Spanish Athletics Federation 

Royal Spanish Aviation Federation 

Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation 

Royal Spanish Billards Federation in Valencia 

Royal Spanish Canoe Federation 

Royal Spanish Cycling Federation 

Royal Spanish Golf Federation 

Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation 

Royal Spanish Handball Federation 

Royal Spanish Hockey Federation 

Royal Spanish Judo Federation 

Royal Spanish National Federation of Karate in Madrid 

Royal Spanish National Federation of Motorsport in Madrid 

Royal Spanish National Federation of Winter Sports in Madrid 

Royal Spanish Life Saving Federation 

Royal Spanish Motor Boat Federation 

Royal Spanish Polo Federation 

Royal Spanish Sailing Federation 

Royal Spanish Shooting Federation 

Royal Spanish Skating Federation 

Royal Spanish Supportive Chasse Federation 

Royal Spanish Swimming Federation 

Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation 

Royal Spanish Tennis Federation 

Royal Spainish Taekwondo Federation 

Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation 

Royal Spanish Wrestling Federation 

Spanish American Football Association 

Spanish Badminton Federation 

Spanish Basketball Federation 

Spanish Boxing Federation 

Spanish Chess Federation 

Spanish Ice Sports Federation 

Spanish Mountain and Climbing Sports Federation 

Spanish National Federation of Sports For Deaf in Madrid 

Spanish National Federation of Waterskiing 

Spanish Orienteering Federation 

Spanish Padel Federation 

Spanish Pelota Federation 

Spanish Rowing Federation 

Spanish Rugby Federation 

Spanish Speleological Federation 

Spanish Sports Federation for the Blind 

Spanish Sports Federation for Person With Intellectual Disability 

Spanish Sports Federation for Persons with Physical Disability 

Spanish Triathlon Federation 

Spanish Sport Federation of people with Cerebral Palsy in Madrid 

Spanish Equestrian Federation in Madrid 

Spanish Federation of Fishing and Casting 

Spanish Federation of Modern Penthalon 

Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities 

Spanish Federation of Weightlifting in Madrid 

Swedish Athletic Federation 

Swedish University Sports Federation 

Gilbraltar Netball 

Netball Northern Ireland 

England Netball 

Spanish National Federation of Bowling 

Royal Spanish Squash Federation 

Real Federation Motocillistd Españold (Madrid) 

Federación Española de Baile Deportivo (Spain) 

Federación Española de Fùtbol Ameriano (Spain) 

Royal Spanish Federation of Fencing (Spain) 

Spanish National Federation of Kickboxing (Spain) 

Real Federacion Espanola de Beisbol y Softball 

Romanian Federation of Baseball and Softball 

Royal Spanish Federation of Wing Shooting 

Russian Softball Federation 

San Marino Baseball Softball Federation 

Serbian Softball Federation 

Spanish National Federation of Petanque 

Spanish National Federation of Surfing 

Swiss Baseball and Softball Federation 

Turkish Rugby, Baseball, Softball and American Football Federation 

Finnish Fencing and Penthalon Association 

Finnish Ringette Association 

German Union of Sports and Sciences (Germany) 

Hellenic Athletics Association 

Hungarian Athletics Association 

Athletics Association of Ireland 

Student Sport Ireland 

Israeli Athletics Association (Israel) 

Swiss Athletics 

Turkish Athletics Association 

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)(UK) 

Royal Livesaving Society UK 

Russian Student Sport Union 

UK Athletics 

Ukraine Athletics Federation  


Europe Sports Councils, Associations and Commissions

Bosnia and Herzegovina Sports Association 

Amateur Athletics Association of Cyprus 

Cyprus Sports Organization 

Finnish Sports Confederation Valo 

Finnish Sports  Federation 

German Sports Confederation (Germany) 

Lithuanian Sport Congress 

English Sports Council (United Kingdom) 

Sports Committee of St Petersburg 

Sports Council for Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 

Sports Council For Scotland (United Kingdom) 

UK Sports Council 

Secretariat d’Etat aux Sports Francais 


Europe Government  

Albania Ministry of Culture,Youth and Sport 

Department of Sport Austria 

France Ministry of Town,Youth and Sport 

Ministry of Education and Culture (Finland) 

Ministry of Culture (Greece) 

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Israel) 

PE and Sport Department (Lithuania) 

Ireland Ministry of Youth and Sport 

Poland Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic 

Ukraine Ministry of Physical Education and Sport 

Government of the United Kingdom 

United Kingdom 24 National Governing Bodies of Sport 


Europe Women and Sports 

European Women and Sport 

Lithuanian Women in Sport Association 

Democratic Movement of Portugese Women (Norway) 

National Olympic Committee-Women and Sport Commission 

Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation-United Kingdom 

Portuguese Association Women and Sport 

Secretariat d’Etat aux Droits Des Femmes 


Europe Regional Organisations 

Council of Europe Committee for Development of Sport 

European Fair Play Movement 

European Fencing Confederation 

European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) 

European Ministers of Sport 

European Non-Governmental Sports Organization (ENGSO) 

Europe Sports Conference 

European Squash Federation 

European University Sports Association 

Swiss University Sports Federation 

Netball Europe 


Europe Olympic Committees 

Albania Olympic Committee 

Bulgaria Olympic Committee 

British Olympic Committee 

Croatia Olympic Committee 

Cyprus National Olympic Committee 

Czech Republic Olympic Committee 

Denmark National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation 

Estonia Olympic Committee 

Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee 

Finland Olympic Committee 

Germany Olympic Committee 

Lithuania Olympic Committee 

Malta Olympic Committee 

Norway Olympic Committee 

Switzerland Olympic Committee 

Ukraine Olympic Committee 


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