Secrétaire général du GTI

Lisa O’Keefe
Seconderetary General, International Working Group (IWG) on Women and Sport Secretariat & Conference 2022 – 2026

A former international sportswoman, Lisa is a passionate advocate for women’s sport with over 15 years Senior Leadership experience in the sport and physical activity sector. 

She previously worked at Sport England where she held several roles including Executive Director of Sport and latterly Executive Director of Insight. Achievements include redesigning Sport England’s approach to investing in National Governing Bodies of Sport, and the creation of the award-winning Insight Directorate at Sport England putting data, insight & learning at the heart of the business, and a catalyst for innovative work such as the globally recognised This Girl Can campaign.

As Secretary General of IWG Women & Sport, Lisa has responsibility for leading the Secretariat of IWG whilst hosted in the United Kingdom through to September 2026.

  • Développement, gestion et mise en œuvre de la IWG Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026
  • Delivery of the 9th IWG World Conference, Birmingham 2026 – the world’s largest gathering of experts on gender equity in sport and physical activity
  • Gestion des relations avec les agences et organisations mondiales gouvernementales et non gouvernementales (par exemple, ONU Femmes, UNESCO, OMS)
  • Promouvoir et surveiller le IWG Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration and adding value to the work of the global Signatories – currently nearly 600
  • Responsibility for management of all IWG external and internal affairs, globally, including overnight of research programmes and the Insight Hub
  • Soutien quotidien pour le IWG Global Executive et Réseau mondial IWG

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