IWG Bid 2022 – 2026

The International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport is the world’s largest network dedicated to ‘empowering women and girls and advancing sport’. It is fully aligned to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 5: ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.’ For over 25 years, the IWG has advocated for gender equity in global sport and physical activity. It continues to lead from a place of respect within the sport and physical activity system, releasing research and advocating amongst key global stakeholders such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees. Every four years since 1994 it has staged the IWG World Conference – the largest global gathering on gender equity in sport and physical activity. The IWG developed and remains guardian of the Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Déclaration sur la femme et le sport, which now has almost 600 Signatories. It produces the IWG Progress Report, tracking the progress of the Signatories and to date, providing the only collective report on these global bodies. The IWG Secretariat & Conference 2018 – 2022 quadrennial is being hosted by Women in Sport Aotearoa Nouvelle-Zélande. In addition to setting and delivering on a 4-year strategy for the IWG, WISPA will also host the 8th IWG World Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, 5 – 8 May 2022.

Every four years the IWG has held an IWG World Conference on Women & Sport in a different region. In order to sustain the momentum created and track future progress, the IWG Global Executive – the leadership body for the network – is now accepting bids from countries or organizations interested in:               

  • The position of IWG Co-Chair in 2022 – 2026;
  • Hosting the IWG Secretariat from September 2022 – 2026; and
  • Hosting the 9th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport in May/June 2026.

Ideally, these three opportunities should be taken on by a single country or organization. However, a joint bid from more than one organization / country working together may also be considered as a possibility. Joint bids are to be outlined in your application with details of organizations and how the partnerships work. Candidates bidding for hosting must secure funding for support of all the functions.


Host of the IWG Secretariat 2022 – 2026 & 9th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport (2026).


Please submit an official letter outlining your Expression of Interest (EOI) by email to:

IWG Secretary General Rachel Froggatt (rachel@womeninsport.org.nz / +64 (0) 27 546 5836)

Deadline:           not later than 30 September 2020.

SPECIAL NOTICE (posted 24 September 2020):

With IWG Global Executive approval, the date to submit the EOI has now been extended to 30 November 2020 due to the impacts of COVID-19.

There is no change to the bid submission date or the date to decide a new host nation, see details below.


Please submit your completed bid application by email to:

IWG Secretary General Rachel Froggatt.

Deadline:           not later than 31 March 2021.


Between 1 April 2021 and the IWG AGM, each bid will be reviewed by the IWG Bid Steering Committee. The IWG reserves the right to ask questions or seek clarity from bidding host nations during this time and may ask short-listed bidders to present their case by video call (to be determined by 30 April 2021).

The IWG Bid Steering Committee will present a recommendation to the IWG Global Executive for decision at the IWG AGM 2021, taking place in early June 2021 (date tbc pending confirmed location).

The successful host of the IWG Co-Chair, IWG Secretariat and 9th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport will be informed immediately post the IWG AGM 2021. In collaboration with IWG New Zealand, a public announcement will be made shortly after. The new host nation will be invited to attend, present and partake in all parts of the 8th IWG World Conference, 5 – 8 May 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand.


Bid Pack – IWG Secretariat & World Conference 2022 to 2026 – FINAL updated 240920

Please see above special notice regarding the date extension to submission of your EOI – it is now due by 30 November 2020.

No change has been made to other dates.

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